Protecting Playstation 3 Games Easily

Gaming is a part of everyone’s lives and is also one of the favorite activities of most people. PlayStation 3 is one of the most popular game consoles today because of the features that it has to offer. If you have a Blu-Ray player, Wi-Fi capability, HDMI support, and Bluetooth 2.0 all in your console, will you be asking for more?

Unfortunately, Sony has done a great job of implementing added copyright protection that prevents people from creating backup copies of the game and sell it to other people for profit. Just in case you don’t know, this process is called Piracy is a punishable law in most countries.

PlayStation 3 games are very expensive and you cannot simply buy another copy once your previous copy is broken. So, is there a way for you to protect your games without spending a lot of money and without being guilty of piracy? Well, as far as gaming is concerned, there is a way to create backup copies of your games without being guilty of piracy.

Buying duplicates of a game is piracy, but if you have the original copy of the game and used duplicates for gaming, then you are not involved in piracy. Just make sure that you own the original copy and will not sell or give away the backup copies to anyone in any way possible because this is an act of piracy. You need to be very careful with this process because game companies are very serious when it comes to dealing with people who are guilty of piracy.

All you need to do is to purchase game copier software, and install it in your computer. Once you have the program ready, get your original game and let the program do all the work for you. After the process, the last thing that you need to do is to burn your copied game in another CD and keep the original game in a safe place.

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Playing Games Has Never Been So Cheap

Whether you are using Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360, you can definitely save a lot of money and still be able to play all the games that you want by renting games. An ordinary game title can cost up to $60 per title, while renting games only costs $15 per month. If you look at it carefully, you will be able to play all the games that you want for 6 months and you will only be spending as much as what a game title would normally cost.

If you will be going out regularly just to look for games that you want, you will be spending more than $15 monthly just to pay for your transportation costs. Not to mention that hassle of going out and dealing with persistent salesmen who will say anything just to get you to buy their product. You can play all the games you want for a very low price and without the hassle of going out of your room.

Some game rental sites will even allow you to rent up to 4 game titles depending on the type of your membership. Just make sure that you return all the games in good working condition or you will be paying for its original price. If you ever find a game that you really like, you can even buy it from the company for a much lower price compared to its original price tag.

With the help of the Internet, playing games has never been so cheap. Now, you can play games for the whole year and you only need to pay $180. Imagine the amount that you will be spending if you were to buy all the games that you want. Renting games will help you save a lot of money without affecting the way you play games and the way to describe what entertainment is

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